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Are you tired of spending hours manually assigning leads to your sales team? Leaf CRM has got you covered! Our all-in-one solution streamlines the lead management process by capturing real-time performance data and consolidating leads from all your different channels. With Leaf CRM, you’ll have more time to focus on generating quality leads, while also maximizing your return on investment.

How Leaf CRM Boosts Marketers' Performance

Support Lead Sources

Support Lead Sources: Leaf CRM supports a wide variety of lead sources, including Facebook, Tik Tok, Google, WordPress, Excel, CSV, and Zapier integration.

Web Form

Web Form: Generate web form code to capture leads on your site and integrate with Leaf CRM.

Auto Lead Consolidation

No More Lead Download: Free up time by automating lead consolidation, and focus on generating quality lead.

Categorise by Campaign

Categorise by Campaign: Categorize leads and salespeople by campaign for improved organization and effectiveness.

Instant Lead Assign

Instant Lead Assign: Leads are instantly assigned to salespeople for rapid follow-up.


Report: In-depth reporting provides key insights for informed decision-making and performance optimization

Leaf CRM is the ultimate tool for marketers looking to revolutionize their marketing efforts and drive business growth. With our platform, you can make informed decisions, optimize your campaigns, and maximize your return on investment. Say goodbye to manual work and hello to data-driven success with Leaf CRM.