Lead Source

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Facebook Lead Source

Facebook Lead Form

Facebook Lead Forms enhance lead generation with pre-filled forms in Facebook Ads, making data collection easy. This intuitive method boosts lead capture, ad effectiveness, and minimizes lead loss from complicated steps, ultimately increasing sales and ROI. Leaf CRM integration further adds value by automating lead assignment to salespeople for immediate response, streamlining the sales process, and ensuring timely follow-ups, thus maximizing conversion potential.
Tik Tok lead source

TikTok Instant Form

TikTok Instant Forms elevate lead generation by offering pre-populated forms within TikTok Ads, simplifying user data acquisition. This accessible approach amplifies lead capture, ad productivity, and minimizes lead attrition from intricate procedures, Leaf CRM integration complements this by automating lead assignment to salesperson for instant follow up and increase sales conversion.
Website lead source


Leaf CRM enables the generation of web form code that can be seamlessly integrated into existing websites, such as landing pages and inquiry forms, ensuring a consistent brand experience for visitors. When a potential customer submits the form, Leaf CRM instantly captures the lead and assigns it to a salesperson, streamlining the lead management process and enhancing overall sales efficiency.
Google Ads Lead Source

Google Ads

Leaf CRM offers seamless integration with Google Lead Forms, allowing businesses to effortlessly capture leads from Google Ads. When a potential customer completes a form within the ad, Leaf CRM immediately captures the lead and assigns it to a salesperson.
Typeform lead source


Typeform is a user-friendly online form builder for creating engaging data collection tools. Leaf CRM integrates with Typeform, automatically importing user input for streamlined lead management. This integration allows instant lead assignment to salespeople and maximizes conversion opportunities.
Wordpress lead source


The Leaf CRM WordPress plugin streamlines lead capture from your WordPress contact forms, including Contact Form 7 (CF7 form), Ninja Forms, WPForms, and Forminator, and instantly transfers them to Leaf CRM and assigns to your salesperson for immediate follow-up.


Integrating Zapier with Leaf CRM broadens the range of supported lead sources, providing a solution for those not directly compatible with Leaf CRM. This integration facilitates seamless data transfer between multiple platforms and Leaf CRM, guaranteeing swift lead capture and follow-up
Excel lead source

Excel / CSV

Occasionally, leads arrive in Excel files or CSV formats, By uploading these files to Leaf CRM, leads are instantly assigned to salespeople according to the defined rules. Leaf CRM ensure timely follow-ups and maximizing conversion opportunities.