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Leaf CRM is designed for businesses that capture leads from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Website enabling instant response to lead for increased sales

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Leaf CRM supports a wide range of lead sources, including Facebook lead form, TikTok instant form, Google lead form, WordPress forms, Excel, CSV, and Zapier integration. In addition, you can easily create custom web forms and embed them into your website for a seamless lead capture.

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Google Ads lead source
Google Ads
Website lead source


Typeform lead source
Excel lead source
CSV lead source


Enable passing of data from more than 5000+ apps
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Assigning Leads with Rules

Leads can be immediately assigned to salespersons based on predefined distribution rules, such as assigning two leads per cycle to top-performing salespeople, while others receive just one lead.

Top Features

Customizable Sales Pipelines

Leaf CRM offers customizable sales pipeline stages for various industries, accommodating unique sales cycles and optimizing business performance.

Master Data Management

Leaf CRM’s Master Data feature consolidates all leads, eliminating duplicates, and promotes efficient lead reuse.

Instant New Lead Notifications

Leads are auto-consolidated and instantly assigned to salespeople based on rules, enabling prompt responses to new leads.

WhatsApp Messaging

Effortlessly respond to leads via WhatsApp without the need to save contacts. Tailor your communication with personalized messages, ensuring effective and efficient engagement with potential customers.

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Leaf CRM provides real-time insights into salesperson performance and campaign effectiveness, enabling data-driven decisions that lead to increased sales.


Leaf CRM allows salespeople to promptly follow up on leads, leading to higher close rates, while providing an array of user-friendly tools that make their tasks more manageable and improve overall productivity.


Leaf CRM automates lead capture and assignment to salespeople based on predefined rules, eliminating manual work while providing real-time ROAS data and facilitating easy lead reuse.

Leaf CRM is accessible on iPhone, Android, Huawei smartphones, and the web, providing flexibility for salespersons in choosing their preferred platform for work.

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