Respond Quicker.
Seal More Deals
Leaf CRM automates the work of capturing and assigning leads, so that you can provide an instant response.
Leaf CRM is designed for companies that generate sales leads from the web and social media platforms. It helps your sales team close more deals by improving sales efficiency. Leaf also provides real-time salesperson performance and campaign performance.
How can Leaf CRM benefit you?
Instant notifications and smart tools to help you respond to leads faster and work more efficiently.
Real-time update on lead progression and salesperson performance.
Act swiftly with real-time insights of advertising and campaign performances.
Supported Lead Source
Leaf CRM auto captures leads from Facebook lead forms, TikTok instant forms, web forms and more, without requiring human involvement so that you can focus on what is important - closing deals.
CSV File
CSV File
Leaf CRM enables seamless transfer of your data through over 3000+ apps.
Instant Notification
for Fast Response
Leaf CRM captures your leads from multiple lead sources, consolidates and assigns them a salesperson for immediate follow up.
Sales Conversions
Sales Conversions,
Made Easier.
Easy to use app with useful tools to improve sales efficiency:
  • Update lead progression easily
  • Document library for easy file sharing
  • Daily to do list & reminder
  • Direct Whatsapp messaging
Real Time Insight
Real Time Insight
Always be in the know with real time updates on:
  • How your sales team is performing
  • Campaign performance
  • Number of cases won
  • Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS)
Master Data
Waste no time sorting through duplicates and incomplete data. Leaf CRM identifies the duplicates and cleans them into a neat, ready-to-use master sheet for future campaigns.
Full Data Autonomy
Full Data Autonomy
Have full control of data collected from all campaigns. Export your data any time and take it along with you, wherever you go.
Peace-of-Mind Security
Security has always been our biggest priority. All data collected are encrypted with AES256 and communication between the Leaf CRM app and server are securely encrypted (HTTPS).
Mobile App
Leaf CRM is designed for the mobile generation. Available in iOS, Android and Huawei.
Auto Consolidation
Skip the time-consuming task of consolidating your leads from multiple sources. Leaf CRM does it all for you automatically.
Instant Assignment
Still manually assigning leads and keeping tabs on progress? Leaf does it for you automatically, so you can focus on more important tasks.
Instant Notification
Leaf CRM notifies you immediately when a lead is assigned to you. So you can respond in the most timely manner.
Facebook Integration
Win/Won lead results can be sent back to Facebook to help refine targeting of “Lookalike audience” for better advertising accuracy.
Document Library
Send marketing materials such as product brochures via email or mobile at a tap of your finger.
Quick Response Text
No need to type the same messages over and over again. Respond to enquiries faster with pre-set messages.
Master List
Leads are precious. Leaf consolidates all your leads into clean and accurate master data, ready to be used for future campaigns. No duplicates!
Real time Performance
Get updated with clean and accurate real time reports on sales progress to help you make quick business decisions.
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